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Hello, I am currently a sophomore at Swarthmore college (small liberal arts school just outside Philly) and recently I actually founded a fossil hunting club which organizes trips roughly once a month to some relatively nearby fossil locations. Last month we went to purse state park and we were quite successful with everyone finding plenty of shark teeth and other cool finds. For our next trip we are planning to go to the Montour Fossil Pit as that seems like the next logical step. Now I have never been there but I have been to several similar locations and consider myself to be at least somewhat knowledgeable and experienced about fossil hunting, and I was just wondering if anyone familiar with the sight had any advice, tips, or useful information about the site that would be great.


Also, I know that there are a number of sites within a 3 hour or so radius of Philly but currently the only places that I know specifically are southern MD, the Montour Fossil Pit, and the ferns near Centralia. If anyone knows of sites that would be a good destination for a group of 10 or so people to go fossil hunting that would be great.


Thanks in advance for the information, Caleb.

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