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Quick Excursion To A Local Stream


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Hi everyone, over the weekend I checked out a site about 3 miles away from me.  I was told by a friend who had collected in an area very close to this site decades ago that there used to be fish partials there.  Unfortunately, the site he was talking about is now filled in and the whole general area is overgrown.  I've driven past this stream too many times to count, and given its proximity to a fish fossil site I figured that it would be worth checking out.  The point of my trip was to find some arkose or siltstone just to see if it was even there, which it was.




View of the stream



this photo doesn't do it much justice, but this little outcrop of rock (siltstone? shale? sandstone?) was about 6 feet wide. 



Enigmatic bean-looking thing (fossil?). I ended up misplacing this piece, I came home and couldn't find it.  The best scale reference I can give is that an average sized thumb would perfectly fit inside of it.


The bean-looking thing is the only find of note from my quick excursion to the site, I'm not entirely sure on whether it's a fossil or just a geological thing.

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