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Budget collection of megatoothed shark


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I plan to collect fossil teeth from cretolamna to megalodons, and arrange them in order of color and size.  I have got these three and are still working on it. Although they are not big and not perfect, they’re still very beautiful and fulfilling when placed together.

It’s quite hard to find the right size shape and color. Might need some help with the auriculatus.


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5 hours ago, Jerrychang said:

fulfilling when placed together.

One of the reasons to have more than one fossil ;).

Besides being educational, there is also a special aesthetics in placing together / arranging several specimens of a similar kind.

Franz Bernhard

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Add more teeth.

These specimens are not perfect, but they look pretty to a rookie like me.


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Got one more tooth. This one has some damage on it’s serrations, but it has a shiny and colorful enamel, and a almost intact bourlette.

The seller only said it’s from SC, I guess it’s an angustidens?563454C1-F067-400C-BEC8-52D3B6975A82.thumb.jpeg.499bb60fbd55cf19e3a2aafbe21d9841.jpeg74091055-3321-403E-9073-BC819AE32928.thumb.jpeg.eefddc3e6af35c47ba05916bdfabd748.jpeg


It’s cusps compared with another smaller angustidens, it is wider and flatter, so if you arrange them in a row and look at their cusps, you can find it gradually disappears.(also got the right cretolamna I need, I’m happy with that )F00F8AEF-7532-4DC8-9EC6-3791247ADF4E.thumb.jpeg.54f812cd72d7b0773ee28f82b0358db9.jpeg

However it is slightly bigger than my chubutensis tooth, so if you look at the whole tooth, it doesn’t seem to fit the collection very well.9AD3ADB2-E12C-4C79-B023-A7C5EB697789.thumb.jpeg.f97c42023ddb0210e77cb07c44c34651.jpeg

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