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Marshalltown Formation


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I plan on hunting the Marshalltown formation in New Jersey / Delaware soon. I can’t find what fossils to expect online. Does anyone have resources or know what to expect? 

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I believe Weller has a section on the Marshalltown in his "A Report on the Cretaceous Paleontology of New Jersey." Note though that many of the fauna names have changed. I would expect to find a number of Exogyra ponderosa erraticostata. You may also find some original shell material, but it is incredibly fragile and susceptible to "original shell disease."  

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Basically what he said, you will know you’re in the right spot when you see the Exogyra, well preserved and some with Cliona boring sponge fossils on the shells. Also plenty of Pycnodonte. I’ve found shellbeds of other species but like he said, they’re incredibly fragile and difficult to preserve. Still, one of my favorite New Jersey Cretaceous formations to hunt! 


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