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Green River formation Fossil ID


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On August 12, 2021, I went with my family to a fossil dig in Kemmerer, Wyoming. Two friends from Japan went with us also.


We all found a lot of fossils that day. The two friends from Japan even found a small whole Phareodus testis!


There was, however, one fossil that was unusual, and we couldn’t get the exact species. Picture is attached.


All the people at the quarry said was that it’s a wood imprint, or something like that, I don’t exactly remember.


Here is the question. Is this a wood fossil?


Second question, if it is wood, is it possible to identify the exact species?


I ask because I am getting ready to frame and label it.


If the exact species cannot be figured out, that’s okay. I’ll find out how to label it.

Any help will be appreciated,




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Never mind, I found it while browsing photos on the Internet.

Equisetum winchesteri.


AKA, horsetail plant fossil.


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I don't think that is your ID.

Equisetum is much thinner, and has regularly spaced ridges and grooves.



From this PDF.



From a Google image search:




Yours looks like tree bark of some sort, possibly palm. Not sure you can get it down any further than Plant/tree bark: indeterminate.

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Thanks for getting back. I appreciate it. Thanks for pointing out my error too.


I’ll just label it like you said. Plant/tree bark indeterminate.



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