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Otudus, Cretolamna, Serratalamna or something else?

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Recently I acquired a bulk lot of Moroccan shark teeth after doing some reading and a lot of sorting. I have more questions than identifications. 


To keep it simple I stuck with the “square rooted teeth for the first round.


I’ve come up with five categories 


1 two cusplets - Serratalamna?

2 multiple cusplets but small - ?

3 two cusplets - Cretolamna?

4 two cusplets and no or very weak transversal groove - Otudus?

5 strongly reduced cusplets - ?


If other pictures are useful let me know.



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With the purchase I received late Cretaceous as the age and the location was Oued Zem / Khouribga. But also it was mentioned that the fossils have been found over five layers so maybe the age is more broad. First I started with the publication from Arambourg (1952) but I also started looking at http://users.telenet.be/sharkteethcollection/sharkteeth list totaal/totaal sharteeth list.htm

Row 1 the left tooth I think could be Brachycarcharias atlasi


Row 4 looks more like Cretolamna indet.


Row 5 I have now identified as Striatolamia, assigning a species is challenging. If correct this stretches the age to include Thanetian - Paleocene. Does that make sense?


Leaving it at that for now to see if I start to get closer to correct identifications.



edit: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Andrej-Gajic/publication/270105496_Frequency_taxonomy_and_morphology_of_different_shark_taxa_of_Paleogene_and_Cretaceous_from_Morocco_North_Africa/links/54a081dc0cf256bf8bae1a69/Frequency-taxonomy-and-morphology-of-different-shark-taxa-of-Paleogene-and-Cretaceous-from-Morocco-North-Africa.pdf?origin=publication_detail

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