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Finding a large specimen of Chaetetes sponge in the middle of a snowy park

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On one of the last days of 2021, my daughter and I went for a walk to my favorite place. This is a forest stream in the Troparevo Park. I have been interested in these places for several years from the point of view of observing an island of nature within a large metropolis.

I observe many species of birds, insects and plants there. There are species listed in the Red Book of Moscow. Here is an example of a very rare insect "Conocephalus dorsalis" - https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/93245215, which I observed in August.


I hope that my observation will be taken into account when compiling a new edition of the Red Book of Moscow in 2022.


Let's go back to the fossils. In the stream there are fragmentary Paleozoic rocks (carboniferous) brought here by a glacier from the north of Russia.

Below are the photos taken on the day of the walk (18.12.21):








Chaetetes sponge photo:








I hope that I will soe a more complete account of my modest finds in this place.


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Nice pics Pauli, i'm glad to hear from someone who is interested in sponges.

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