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Vertebrae identification


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Hey everyone! My boyfriend and I go shark tooth hunting on the south end of Amelia Island, Florida frequently. Today we went to a new area. Close to a dredging site. I think we found a few fossils!


They are all vertebrae of some sort. believe one to be a shark, one a fish, and the other 2, I am stumped on.


Any help is greatly appreciated! 











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I don't know but I love that 2nd piece. I'm sure within a day or 2 someone will have the information you want. This forum is full of Florida knowledge. 

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Great! Looking forward to hearing everyone's opinions. The second is my favorite as well.

We're going back today with my daughter. She is so intrigued, as are we!

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Welcome to the forum !! It is a fantastic resource for the identification of fossils you find.   As I looked at your finds, I thought I recognized the smallest one as a shark vert,  and the middle sized one as a Sawfish vert.  I went up to the search field, typed in Sawfish,  and found this older outstanding thread where many of my TFF friends helped me understand the differences.. A good read for you.

Some TFF members on here can actually identify the type of shark.  I believe that your large vert is dolphin... Wonderful finds.  It would be a great gift to get your daughter addicted to a fossil hunting hobby.


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