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ID fossil - help needed! Ireland


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Hi I came across this fossil while digging a footing trench. Was about 1200mm below the ground. At the bottom of the trench in the attached image. In grey clay.  In one of the many cobbles in this layer.


it’s about 65mm [ 2-1/2” ] wide.


Darcystown in North County Dublin in Ireland, about a mile from the east coast at about 350ft above sea level.








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Welcome to the Forum.   :) 

This looks like a brachiopod shell imprint.


@westcoast or @Tidgy's Dad  may have some ideas to a further identity.

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Maybe there are some remnants of a brachiopod, but definitely is related to brachiopods. :)

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Yes, a partially dissolved brachiopod shell, probably a strophomenid, brachial valve. Most likely Carboniferous (Mississippian), so about 340 million years old or thereabouts. Nice picture!

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Yes, it's a brachiopod brachial valve from the Lower Carboniferous limestones, which I know as the Mountain Limestones. 

I think it's not rounded enough / too wide along the hinge-line compared to the body for Echinaria.

Antiquatonia is more likely in my opinion.  

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