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I went collecting at the Eocene Whiskey Bridge Locality and found a number of oysters (I presume) that I cannot find good IDs for online. I was wondering if anyone here had a better idea. 


I additionally found some bone fragments that I am curious about, though I don't know how well they can be ID'd.



whiskey bridge 1.jpeg

whiskey bridge 2.jpeg

whiskey bridge 5.jpeg

whiskey bridge 6.jpeg

whiskey bridge 4.jpeg

whiskey bridge 3.jpeg

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Cool stuff dude!

Unfortunately, the oysters look to be weathered Cretaceous oysters, most likely Texigryphaea. When you went to collect from Whiskey bridge where in that locality did you find those?

I ask that because there's some gravel that was dumped on top of the actual outcrop where there's vegetation (and a very tempting parking spot that cost me 400 dollars to get my car towed out) and there's some of these mixed in. There's also the gravel on the river itself that was washed there from further upstream where you get a lot of Cretaceous stuff, local petrified wood, and some Pleistocene bone bits mixed in.

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Cropped, rotated, and brightened:







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Some of them may look like "indian paint pot", but that's only in my mind. :)


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Thanks for the replies! I collected on the east side of the river, which I now realize is the opposite side one wants to collect from lol. But yes, these oysters were scattered abundantly in the sediment along the bank

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