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ID requested: Eocene Bivalves & Gastropods (Tielt formation, Egem, Belgium)

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A few months back I recieved a bucket full of material from the (now closed) Tielt Formation, Egem, Belgium (Eocene, Ypresian, 53 mya)

The material should be rich in shark teeth (I am waiting for the spring weather to go through it all) but there were some very nice Gastropods and Bivalves in the mix as well. 
Unfortunately Bivalves and Gastropods are far from my speciality, especially Cenozoïc ones... 
So I was hoping someone here might have some more experience with these critters here to might ID them. 


1: Some Bivalves



2) A block with some bivalves, a gastropod and a Rotularia below.



3: A nice Gastropod




4: A gastropod




5: Another Gastropod


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