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April 2022 - Finds of the Month Entries

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REMINDER: PLEASE carefully read ALL of the rules below.

Make sure you include all the required information, IN THE REQUESTED FORMAT (below) when you submit your fossil! 

If you have a question about a possible entry, please send me a PM.

Please pay special attention to Rule #5: 

Before and After Preparation Photos must be submitted for prepped specimens NOT  found during the Month of the Contest.

In addition to keeping the contest fair, this new qualification will encourage better documentation of our spectacular past finds.

Entries will be taken until 11:59:00 PM EDT on APRIL 30, 2022

Any fossil submitted after that time, even if the topic is still open, will be deemed ineligible! 


Only entries posted with CLEAR photos and that meet the other guidelines will be placed into the Poll. 

Photos of the winning specimens may be posted to TFF's Facebook page.


Please let us know if you have any questions, and thanks for sharing more of your fossils and research this month.


Shortly after the end of the Month, separate Polls will be created for the Vertebrate and Invertebrate/Plant Find of the Month.


In addition to the fun of a contest, we also want to learn more about the fossils. 

Tell us more about your fossil, and why you think it is worthy of the honor. 

To view the Winning Fossils from past contests visit the Find Of The Month Winner's Gallery.


Now, go find your fossil, do your research, and make an entry!
Best of success to all, and good hunting!



Rules for The Fossil Forum's Vertebrate and Invertebrate/Plant Find of the Month Contests

  1. Find a great Vertebrate Fossil or Invertebrate/Plant Fossil! Only fossils found personally by you are allowed. NO PURCHASED FOSSILS.
  2. Post your entry in the Find of the Month topic. Use a separate post for each entry. (Only two entries per member per contest category.)
  3. Your fossil must have been found during the Month of the Contest, or Significant Preparation * of your fossil must have been completed during the Month of the Contest.
  4. You must include the Date of Discovery (when found in the contest month); or the Date of Preparation Completion and Date of Discovery (if not found in the contest month).
  5. Before and After Preparation photos must be submitted for prepped specimens not found during the Month of the Contest. Please make sure you arrange for photos if someone else is preparing your fossil find and completes the prep requirements in the contest month.
  6. You must include the Common and/or Scientific Name.
  7. You must include the Geologic Age or Geologic Formation where the fossil was found.
  8. You must include the State, Province, or region where the fossil was found.
  9. You must include CLEAR, cropped, well-lit images (maximum 4 images). If you are proud enough of your fossil to submit it for FOTM, spend some time to take good photos to show off your fossil.
  10. Play fair and honest. No bought fossils. No false claims.


* Significant Preparation = Substantial work to reveal and/or repair important diagnostic features, resulting in a dramatic change in the look of the fossil. The qualification of Significant Preparation is decided at the discretion of staff. Any doubts as to the eligibility of the entry will be discussed directly with the entrant.


******* Please use the following format for the required information: *******

• Date of Discovery  (month, day, year) 

• Scientific and/or Common Name

• Geologic Age or Geologic Formation

• State, Province, or Region Found

• Photos of Find



(Please limit to 4 clear, cropped, and well-lit images.)

(If prepped, before and after photos are required, please.)

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April 1st 2022

Pathological Carcharodon carcharias

Pilocene? (Fossils from the Miocene, Pilocene, and Pleistocene are all dredged up) 

Savannah River, Georgia





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Very nice split tip. :)






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Jared C

Stiff competition for the upcoming candidates already!

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Welsh Wizard

Androgynoceras maculatum

Three inches in diameter

Lower Lias (Lower Jurassic)

Normally maculatum sub zone, Davoi zone but found in boulder clay deposits

Holderness Coast


West Yorkshire


Found 16th April 2022

Prepped 18th April 2022










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Holaster subglobosus (LESKE, 1778) Cenomanian Cap Blanc Nez Northern France foun Monday 18 April finish to prep saturday 24 April




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3 hours ago, nala said:


I really love how you’ve kept it on the chalk matrix

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10 minutes ago, Calli99 said:

I really love how you’ve kept it on the chalk matrix

I always try to keep the echinoids on the chalk matrix when it's possible,that's why i like a lot this sample :)

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@nala simply beautiful 

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Enchodus jaw


Cap-blanc-Nez ( France )

Found on Saturday April 16th





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Date of discovery: April 16th 2022

Cretaceous pearls in Exogyra

Late Cretceous

Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA




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Species: Alnus or Betula inflorescence, both male and female side by side

Age / Formation: Mid Miocene, Beluga Formation

Location: Anchor Point, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

Found: April 24 2022


I have found quite a few of both kinds but this is the first example that has both male and female side by side


Oh, and it will soon be part of a study being done by the University of Alaska Fairbanks.


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Species: potentially an Ikamauius ensifer sawshark rostrum and associated teeth in a concretion

Age / Formation: Mid Miocene

Location: Canterbury, New Zealand

Found: 17 April 2022

Here is the video of it being found: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRXl8mGEIIM

I'll be donating it to a local museum.




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To add to the other amazing entries this month, a Turonian juvenile mosasaur tooth:


Scientific and/or Common Name: Early mosasaur, Russellosaurus coheni (juvenile)

Found: April 23, 2022

Geologic Age or Geologic Formation: Kamp Ranch Limestone, Arcadia Park Fm. (Late Cretaceous, Turonian ~ 92 Ma)

State, Province, or Region Found: Ellis Co., TX, USA





Thanks to @pachy-pleuro-whatnot-odon and Mike Polcyn for help with ID.

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