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Petrified finger?


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Hey all. I recently came back from  visiting my mamaw in corbin ky. I stopped at a vendors market and bought a random bag marked jewelry Making.  This was random junk thrown in a ziplock. This booth was very vintage and antique with a lot of random and strange things. Sooo question is what in the world is this. Not sure if my mind is messing with me but I can't seem to hold it without feeling weird haha. So feels petrified or rock like but shapped like my stubby finger... I don't know much about this stuff so I figured I would find a forum to tell me if it's rock, finger, or even animal drops 







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Quite possibly something like a burrow cast (infilling material in something like a marine shrimp burrow). I like the fact that it appears to have a hole in the side near the base that might connect with the opening on the blunt end. If they connect, it would be a wonderful way to thread a small chain or cord through it to make an excellent fob for a key ring. Not many people could claim to use a PseudoCertifiedTM ancient antique mummy finger for a key ring. ;)


Not a fossil but definitely a rock worth keeping around and showing folks. You can make up all sorts of stories about how you acquired this (never let the truth get in the way of a good story). :)



Welcome to the forum! Lots of great info here and helpful members. I've not hunted for fossils in the Kentucky are but there is a section of this forum to discuss fossils in your state that you might find useful.








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Possibly fossil coral, but I'm not quite sure, the texture does not look right, and I don't know about the area. Burrow cast is probably a better guess.

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