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I found this tiny tooth in a creek in Summerville South Carolina. Help with an id would be greatly appreciated. I’ve seen a couple other posts with a similar tooth where the consensus was undetermined species. Is this the case with this tooth as well? Thanks in advance!




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Thank you for the reply. I don’t think there have been any true squaldons documented In Charleston. 

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Doesn't look like any Squalodon tooth I've ever seen. It appears to be from one of the smaller, heterodont, Oligocene "dolphins". "Boesse" is the expert in these and he has already been tagged, so I am sure we will hear from him shortly.

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This is from an unnamed long snouted dolphin we've got a partial skeleton/skull of from the Chandler Bridge Formation in Summerville/Ladson. These teeth have in the past been called "Phoca debilis" and "Phoca modesta". Nice find! I love these little dolphin "molars".

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Following Bobby's lead, I did a search on Phoca modesta ..  Found this thread.  You will find it interesting.


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