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Possible Ghost Shrimp - Prep Advice Needed

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Hi Folks,


Ran into this little guy 10 mins into our trip to the brooks yesterday, never seen anything like it. I believe this is a Ghost Shrimp but I could use a second set of eyes on it. Additionally, I'm wondering how I should prep the little guy - I believe 95% of the fossil is an internal mold as the fragile black shell appears to be the top layer with much of it being worn away. As such I don't think I can reveal much more by chipping away at the rock. would love to hear some thoughts


Pic: In Field



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Jeffrey P

That's no ghost shrimp, but is probably a type of lobster- most likely Hoploparia gabbi. It looks pretty worn, but you may be able to remove some of the excess matrix, though there doesn't look like much. Nice find! Congratulations. 

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That thing is awesome! Hope to find one of those myself some day.

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Mark Kmiecik

If it's an internal mold then there's nothing inside of the matrix except more matrix. I would leave it as it is. In my experience, attempts at improving fossils like this only damage them.

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