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Can someone identify this. Looks like a tooth

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We have spent several summers in New Brunswick collecting rocks and minerals.  I picked up this item that resembled a tooth.  We find petrified wood and palm in the area also.

There is a World Heritage site nearby that is a source of Devonian fossils.




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9 minutes ago, canuckienns said:

I picked up this item that resembled a tooth.


Welcome to the forum! The key word here is "resembled". The "top" of this rock appears to have a granite-like cap that would indicate something like a metamorphic origin (fossils are generally found in sedimentary rocks). It appears to be rounded and well polished so I'm guessing it was either found in a water environment (lake, river, stream) or that it spent significant time in such an environment to be tumbled into such a nicely polished form. It appears to be a band of lighter quartz-like mineral that filled a crack in the darker material of the base. This was then eroded away into a smaller fragment and polished to the final form you found.


Many "teeth that are not teeth" that we see on the forum for ID lack any signs of the shiny enameled surface that characterize teeth. Your item at least has that going for it to add to the mimicry. It is a geologic oddity and worthy of entry into our topic that we created for all of the items that Mother Nature leaves for us to keep us amused while we are hunting for fossils.








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Tidgy's Dad

Yes, the root is some sort of fairly hard microcrystalline quartz that is more resistant to erosion than the rest of the rock. 

No enamel present, it's a shaped rock, I'm afraid.

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