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Permian near Guadalupe Mountains National Park

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I found this on BLM Land near Guadalupe Mountains National Park.  No idea what it is.  At one point I was hopeful it was a mammoth tusk. Help?


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Pretty sure this is not tusk material.

Looks like weathered sandstone.

I'm also pretty sure that if this WAS bone or tusk, it would have been  illegal to take vertebrate fossils from BLM land. <_<


State and National Parks are often forbidden to collecting, unless specifically stated otherwise.



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We would need some closeups and also a view of the cross section (the flat end at the top of the photo) to be able to possibly say very much.  It does not look at all like a mammoth tusk or anything vertebrate to me.  It might possibly be a sponge, which are abundant in that area.


A word to the wise: it is illegal to collect any vertebrate fossils from BLM or any other federal land without a permit, which is only available to qualified researchers.  Our policy here on the Fossil Forum is to remind people to abide by the law.  We fairly regularly take down posts where there is evidence of illegal collecting.



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