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Another Silicified Seashell

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I found a Silicified Seashell last month and it turned out to be a relative rare silicified version of a pretty common Oyster from 3-4 myas. It is not like I forget interesting  locations to hunt , so we returned there yesterday.


Lots and Lots of little shark teeth (100s with about 25% unbroken). These all become gifts to someone. My hunting friends, my family, school kids, Paleo museums, etc. 

Separating those out left this smaller group of interesting fossils....



On the lower right, that was the Only Meg I found and next to it a nice Mayumbensis from the Miocene. A number of chips and broken teeth (I was thinking Rhino on a couple of these fragments) and also Croc trying to pretend to be gator.  There were some Armadillo osteoderms and a fossil shaped like an ungual, a couple of bones that would attach to an astragulas, likely deer based on size and then a couple of premolars that @Harry Pristis has tried to ID for me previously.



Just enough to keep me interested and digging in the same spot. My hunting friend was finding much the same (lots of little teeth, couple of Megs both in better shape than mine, and he picked up a Llama molar with complete roots.


There was quite a bit of agatized material, most of it fragments, or pretty common broken items. Then an unusual silicified seashell,  once again an oyster..

It is a 45 x 32 mm oval and the silica is on the "outside",


Other photos...



Certainly wanted to share these interesting finds,  but also wanted to solicit any opinions of how the process happens.  Certainly not exactly what I would have imagined..

There is a very slim remaining slice of the original shell in the center of this fossil, with much thicker layer upon layer of silica material laid down on the outside of both sides of the thin shell.


 It makes me wonder if this process is the same process that created the previous silica seashell,  that ended up looking like this....




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