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22 hours ago, fossilhunter21 said:

Very impressive specimen (and prep job)! How long do you think it took? 


Thanks very much for sharing,



It took 256 hours. I thought I was finished but my client asked me to prep the portion of the skull that is on the bottom of the slab (the bone below the jaw is the pallet). The skull disarticulated and flipped over. I’m 4.5 hours into a really delicate operation and it looks like about 1/2 of the skull is there. When prepping both sides of a crushed skull, you have to be very careful not to pinch through the bone in places.


17 hours ago, Ludwigia said:


He must know how long it took since he gets paid by the hour :P


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That is quite a few hours! :default_faint: That might even be an undersatement... I think it will be pretty cool to have both sides prepped out. But it does not sound super fun to do...



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