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What is the geological age of the site where the megalodon was found in Indonesia?

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Recently I bought some fossilized shark teeth from sukabumi, indonesia. There are plenty of bulls, dusky, lemons, big hemis and tigers and a lot of giant megalodon, but why are there so few great white shark teeth, and why hastalis almost never seen?

Is it because hastalis are extinct at that time?

And is it because the great white shark failed to compete with the megalodon in that place?


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mostly Bentang-Formation, Miocene, approx. 20 mio y


Andriwibowo, Andriwibowo & Basukriadi, Adi & Nurdin, Erwin & Mubarok, Muh. (2021). Habitat Preference Modeling of Prehistoric Giant Shark Megalodon During Miocene in Bentang Formation of West Java Coast. Jurnal Biodjati. 6. 264-272. 

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At least some of those teeth don't look like Early Miocene specimens like that big tiger.  That looks like a fossil specimen of the modern species, Galeocerdo cuvier, which appeared in the Late Miocene.  The larger Hemipristis teeth also indicate a Late Miocene-Pliocene age.   The earliest bull and dusky sharks appear by the Middle Miocene but are more common from Late Miocene-Pliocene localities.  It's possible teeth of more than one Neogene age are found where the Indonesian teeth are collected.  I'm not familiar with what comes from there (what's common/what's rare) other than hearing about all the megalodon teeth.  If great whites have been found, that indicates an age no older than Early Pliocene. 

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Years ago, Bob Ernst gave me a megalodon tooth from a general area, Duri Oilfield, Indonesia.  It was the first time I'd seen a tooth from an Indonesian locality other than Sangiran, Java.

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