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A tiny orthoconic cephalopod from New York

Bringing Fossils to Life

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Bringing Fossils to Life

Hi everyone! I just got back from a trip to Penn Dixie Fossil Park near Buffalo, New York, and found some pyritized cephalopod fossils. Penn Dixie has rocks form the Givetian of the Devonian from the Hamilton Group. A young ammonoid is easily identified as Tornoceras uniangulare, but the other orthoconic fossils are harder to ID. I am pretty sure the small but more complete one is a Bactrites, because the siphuncle appears to be almost ventral, the distance between the septa, and the slightly slanted suture (after looking at Ludwigia's). The preserved shell is very smooth and couldn't be from a Spyroceras that are also found at Penn Dixie. Similar fossils to mine are pictured on their website, unidentified. If any more pictures are needed, I will try to take them. I wanted some expert advice before concluding it is a Bactrites. Can anyone help? 





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