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I'm coming to the experts once again!  This is a very strange ptychotrygon tooth.  

It appears to be P. triangularis, but it is so elliptical.  The low crown is similar to some

of Bourdon's P. eutawensis, but according to Woodward's original description, there is a

bit of ornamentation on the labial apron, which this doesn't have.  Could this simply be a 

pathological tooth? 






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Those three sharp transverse ridges make me think P. triangularis, but I couldn't find a good P. eutawensis to compare. I'm also not familiar with the complete dentitions of either, so the lower crown could be positional? My intuition doesn't point me to it being pathological.

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Thank you for your reply!  I'm tending to think that this tooth is simply a very lateral tooth in a P. triangularis.

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