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Beautiful C. hastalis shark tooth from Matoaka

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Went out to Matoaka on June 30th for a couple of hours. A bit hot, but great weather and the water felt great. No jellyfish in the water yet, so I didn't need my waders at all!


I was down between perhaps the last two jetties and spotted this beauty partially stuck down in the sand. I wasn't the first one at the beach, hard to believe some other folks missed it. Just goes to show that any time of year can be a good time for fossil hunting! While it's not a meg, I have honestly been hoping to find a full size C. hastalis tooth like this, so I'm pretty happy. 


I found a couple of smaller tiger shark teeth as well. 


Happy hunting out there!



hastalis in sand.jpg

hastalis in hand.jpg

hastalis size.jpg

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Nice find!

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That tooth is a real beauty, especially for a Matoaka find.:yay-smiley-1:

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