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Trip to Sioux Falls South Dakota

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Headed to Sioux Falls South Dakota next week. I know it is not the glamourous end of the state but was wondering if there were places to fossil hunt in the area or within a few hour drive? 



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Uhhh,,,,No not really. Not that I'm aware of.


There are some cretaceous exposures along IA 12 going N along the Big Sioux River from its JCT W/ I-29 in N Sioux City, but open areas are fairly small and not a lot of material comes down. I suspect inoceramus (fragments) are the most noticeable. 


The free city museum in Sioux City has a nice mineral/rock exhibit for being in the middle of a glaciated prairie.


I suppose one could look for 'city' type public access along the Missourri River, although I believe state lands and Corp of Engineer prohibit removal of natural material.


I also would suggest the Pipestone National Monument in Pipestone MN for a view of catlinite in situ and I think there used to (like in the past few years) be tribal members both hand harvesting the catlinite as well as demonstrating working it in the visitor center with worked pieces for sale.


If you are interested in SouthWest MN or Central/NorthWest  IA there are several posters on the forum from that area. One could also look at the Rockport (IA) Fossil and Praire Center. ....



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