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Dinosaur Egg?


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Hey y’all, super curious about this potential egg as I’ve never found one before. Could be just a strange rock but I had to be sure. Apologies for the lack of measurements I misplaced my measuring tape but I can provide better photos as soon as I find it. 
Dinosaur park formation, steveville AB 









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I believe dinosaur eggs are almost nonexistent in Alberta- even in DPP and the DPF. There are eggshells that have been found at a few places, but I think devils coulee is the only place that has produced whole eggs. Would like to be wrong on this though.




"In 2001 Darren H. Tanke and M. K. Brett-Surman reviewed and described eggshell and hatchling material from the Dinosaur Park Formation of Dinosaur Provincial Park. Eggshell is rare in the Park, being present in only two microfossil sites, both of which are predominated by the preserved shells of invertebrate life." 



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Yeah devil’s coulee is the only place I’ve heard of them coming from anywhere close to here. Might email the Tyrrell about it unless it’s not at all what I think it might be. 

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5 minutes ago, FranzBernhard said:

Doesn´t show the last pic a typical granitic rock texture?
Franz Bernhard

Looks like gabro to me. It tends to be darker and more readily degrades to the crumbly texture than granite proper.

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This doesn't look like an egg to me, although it does look interesting whatever it is... In the 4th image, the "shell" seems to have multiple layers, which doesn't look right for an egg in my opinion.

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It would be useful to see a more detailed pic of the section. it could be, as already mentioned by rockwood, a weathered ultrabasic rock.

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Keep at it,  eggs are a tough reach but eggshells are not out of question. 

This was recently posted



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