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Fossil Hunting in Suffolk, UK

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Last month I visited Suffolk to collect some fossils. The first site was Bawdsey, where fossils can be collected from the Red Crag formation and Eocene London Clay on the foreshore. The Red Crag formation also contains derived fossils, and although extremely rare, Megalodon teeth have been found from it.

Sorry if some of the photos are quite poor.




There were huge amounts of Pyritised Wood all over the foreshore, from the London Clay. Unfortunately I can't attach photos of the wood I collected as they are currently sealed to keep moisture away. Whilst collecting some wood, I was lucky to witness an impressive rockfall. 


From the Red Crag formation, I found some bones, with Balaena affinis being the most common type from here. These are a few I found. 



Afterwards, I went to Ramsholt, which sits along the River Deben. I was able to find some fossils from the Red Crag formation and the Coralline Crag formation.




From the Coralline Crag formation, I found a bryozoan and several corals, which I think may be Cryptangia woodi.  


From the Red Crag formation, I found many bivalves, which I think are Venus casina and Laevastarte. Quite a few show what looks like gastropod bore marks. I also found some scallop-like bivalves that could be Aequipecten, however all of these are mostly covered by rock.






The gastropods I found are what I think to be Buccinum (I think the one in the photo may be modern, however I did find one in a piece of the Red Crag) and Neptunea contraria, both are whelks. The other I believe is Turritella incrassata. I also found some smaller gastropods, however haven't been able to identify them yet. 






There were also a few more bone fragments from the Red Crag formation and some pebbles which apparently are derived. 




Low tide was late in the day, so I took photos of the sunset on the walk back. 




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Tidgy's Dad

Stunning sunset. Nice finds too.

Thanks for sharing. :)

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3 minutes ago, Tidgy's Dad said:

Stunning sunset. Nice finds too.

Thanks for sharing. :)

Thank you. :)

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