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On our famous auction site just popped out some incredibly detailed fossil insects and amphibians. Although there are no info from the seller (who probably got them without being aware of what they are), those are unfortunately not real. 

The matrix is clearly a limestone from Solnhofen, easily recognisable by the floating crinods (Saccocoma) and by manganese dendrites. There are highly detailed insect on them that have never been found in Solnhofen (including a giant spider). Also the amphibian column is probably a fish spine.

There are already some bids on them, but please be aware.

Also let me know what do you think







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20 hours ago, glu said:

Also let me know what do you think

the biggest pity is that people prepare this type of material to make money at the expense of victims who do not know what they are buying!

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DPS Ammonite

Are these modern pressed and dried creatures that have been glued on?

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On 8/21/2022 at 6:25 PM, glu said:

Yes, I do believe so, but hard to tell

Looks that way


The amphibian seems to some sort of fish material 

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The "amphibian" does look a bit dubious. But are you sure about those others? I dunno, they look fairly real to me. And I don't see any crinoids on here. How can you be sure the pieces of matrix are from Solnhofen?

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