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Anyone know anything about Californian Helicoprion fossils? I know they’ve been found in Eastern California, but that’s about it and I’d like to learn more.

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4 hours ago, DPS Ammonite said:

Go to Google Scholar and enter search term: California Helicoprion. I see some hits. Google Scholar searches books and scholarly journals.




I hadn't heard of Helicoprion from CA before.  I took a geology class from Cal Stevens back in the 80's and he studied Permian corals from various sites in CA and NV.  I don't know if they find vertebrates with the corals but that might be something to check on as well.


I just looked up Cal Stevens.  He's retired and still with us.  Great news.

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Searching the Paleobiology Database for Helicoprion shows one area its been found in, in California.


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I am intrigued by the two in wyoming

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