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My past two trips to Ramanessin Brook in Holmdel, NJ have been especially productive. Resulting in much larger teeth and much more diverse finds, Ramanessin has proven to be a much better spot than Big Brook for me. 

Here are the finds from the first trip:


Many large anterior goblin shark teeth; a very large crow shark tooth; some very nice mackerel shark teeth; two pycnodont teeth; coral; a large ghost shrimp claw; a large ammonite fragment; a scallop with both shells intact; what I believe to be a fragment of a very large sawfish tooth (though it does seem especially striated for a sawfish)


Finds from the second trip:


More large goblin shark teeth (one pathological); another large crow; some very curvy mackerel shark teeth; small shark vert and a fragment of another; some sort of bony fish jaw; various sawfish crowns; a beaver tooth (more insight as to its age would be greatly appreciated); two Gastropod molds; ratfish jaw; I believe the two large fossils to the right are a coral imprint and possibly a lobster claw

another pic of the beaver tooth; it seems hollow inside

chewing surface seems worn; leads me to believe it is a modern adult beaver tooth



up close pic of the lobster claw; noticeable “dots” 




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Some very nice finds there.

Thanks for sharing.:)

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