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Animal Or human ?


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Crossing the Guadalupe River ( a Texas State Park)  today when one of my dogs picked this bone up out of tree ramble/debris in the water. I thought it was very interesting, so I snapped a video and set it down on a boulder. I had plan to pick it up on my way back out. 
But I forgot all about it and took a different route back to my car.
I am home now, going through my pictures and ran across the video.

As you may imagine I’m really worried it might be a human bone, 

. Can y’all help me out with what you believe the bone to be. Human or animal. 

for reference I am 5’5” 



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Trying to figure out how to get the video to play. You have to run your finger along the time bar in order to get the video to play.
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You really need to post the photo/video on the forum, not just a link.


But it looks to me like a deer tibia. The end with the double notch looks like the articulation with the astragalus of a deer.

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Probably modern deer.

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