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Help IDing Permian Age Fossil


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Found this really weird fossil the other day while hunting for brachiopods. 


It comes from Permian limestone marine/coastal deposits in Dona Ana County, NM near Hatch. 


The area is a brecciated limestone field. I've collected coral, brachiopods, crinoids, gastropods, and echinoderm fossils from here before, but they aren't always the best preserved. 


This rock contains fusulinids, she'll fragments, crinoid bits, and echinoderm spines but I have no idea what the large... interesting looking.... fossil is. It appears to have some enamel left on bits of it, so I think it is a shelled organism of some variety. 


Any help appreciated! 






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Welcome to the Forum.


It might be Wilkingia terminale, a common Pennsylvanian and Permian bivalve. Find the name of the Permian formation and see if that species is present.




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