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Possible Hadrosaur Tooth from Big Brook


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Hi everyone:

Found this tooth via sifting in one of the downstream parts of Big Brook - I think it may be from a Hadrosaur but I want to rule out any sort of weirdo sawfish or something. 

Please take a look:



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Looks good to me but I also agree, you need to rule out weird fish too! The three lines and the shape certainly say Hadro to me but, I have been wrong before and I will be wrong again! Wait for a boffin!! 

Nice find either way though!





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Size?   More views?  No idea 


I don't see a hadrosaurid tooth.  They typically have ONE prominent center ridge, some have small secondary ridges with a lip at the edges which can be dentulated.   They also do not have the cavity shown in your first photo

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Thanks for your response.


It's about 5 mm wide. The cavity sort of closes up halfway. There are some extremely fine horizontal lines running across the wide part when viewed at 10x. Added more pics of top and bottom. Sorry the quality is so-so. It's tough to take a good picture.



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Thanks- I'm gonna do some comparisons to see if it could be a modern mammal tooth. There is so much of that in the Brook.

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Could it be a crab claw .  The extend of the center hollow makes me wonder.     Sorry it is not hadrosaur  :default_rofl:  your first photo had me going.


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