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Fossil Country - Wyoming PBS documentary

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DPS Ammonite

Wow! What a quality show.

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Tidgy's Dad

Yes, a top quality production. 

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This show is really well done.  It really shows the relationship between the National Monument and the commercial fish diggers.  And so much more... Arvid Aase (pronounced Ow-suh; National Monument paleontologist and trilobite affectionado) is a gem out there. 

Full disclosure... I say this as a long time supporter of Wyoming Public TV and Radio, and I know a lot of the folks on the show.   

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Fun Facts:


Arvid Aase began his paleontological pursuits in the Paleozoic as an aspiring Trilobitologist. Posted Image


He discovered and donated the holotype specimen: Aponileus aasei  Adrain & McAdams 2012.


Aase, A.K. 1998
Morphology and Habits in the Ordovician Trilobite Pseudocybele (Pliomeridae). MSc Thesis, Brigham Young University, 79 pp.


Adrain, J.M., McAdams, N.E.B. 2012
The Lower Ordovician (Upper Floian) Bathyurid Trilobite Aponileus Hu, with species from Utah, Texas, and Greenland. Zootaxa 3293:1-67

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