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I love to share a nice book I found in the net, dealing with fossil fishes from scotland.

Scotland is one of the best countries to find fantastic devonian fishes, I think most of the readers of my short introdution do know it.


(35) Mitteldevonische Fische aus dem Orcadian Basin in Schottland. IPC3 Exkursionsführer vor der Konferenz. | Michael Newman - Academia.edu


for free


Press "download pdf" and wait some seconds. If you like leave some sentences to the author why you like to download, but it works without, too

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better to show how it works

go to the link, select your language and press Download pdf



next page appears, press Download this page only (sometimes it looks a bit different, but do not upgrade)




If you like, let the author know why you like to read his paper. Or leave it, doesn´t matter. Download starts



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changed the order of the pics, something went wrong :-(
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