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Hi all, I picked up a Lot of 15 fossils and one very large whale vertebrae at an auction recently. Sadly it had all been treated as junk and several fossilised teeth had been broken, one tip lost, no identification or history attributed to the items.  I find it quite sad when a fossil survives for 100+ million years in nature then gets wrecked immediately in someone’s care because it doesn’t make as much money as a pair of earrings .  Anyway, going off topic... so I have this group of unloved fossils - teeth, vertebrae, bone -  which I will probably never be able to fully identify.  Amongst them all are two claws and I can’t tell if they are real or fake. 

They are about 3” long, light (21 and 25g), feel brittle and not very dense (like clay though they are obviously not clay).  They are not resin or plastic.  The thicker claw seems to have a seam around the middle as though two halves have been glued together. 

What are your thoughts?  How do I find out more?


 I’ll post the other fossils in the ID forum.


 Many thanks.









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The hand and footclaw look like a cast to me. The color and look looks cast. They look a bit to perfect 

You can’t get ahold of more id information? They seem to be usa material. My guess the hand claw is Anzu. 

but lets see what others think of it

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Those were my thoughts, a bit too perfect and a funny colour on the foot claw.  But this isn’t my area at all, I collect Precambrian stuff.

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Update to this thread... my son wandered into my room, picked up the hand claw and then accidentally dropped it!  Tip broke, it’s a cast - some kind of plaster.  They are both casts.


 So, two lessons... 1) keep your fossils out of reach of children, and 2) these are examples of casts.



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At least you know...both are foot claw replicas and without a locality its impossible to say what they are copying.  However the big recurved one is a bit more distinctive and may be Deinonychus, Digit II killing claw, a very popular one to replicate.

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