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Hi there everyone!


I’ve been wanting to expand my amber specimen collection for quite some time now and I recently came across a seller (which will remain unnamed per the forum rules) with some very interesting and unique listings posted on their page. I’ve included images of the specimens below; I was really hoping that y’all could give them a look and let me know what y’all think.


The first specimen looks to have a lizard/snake skin inclusion. The second specimen contains small feather inclusions along with some even smaller organic matter. Both of these specimens are said to be Burmese amber (dated around 99 million years) mined in both Hkamti, Sagaing Division and Tanai, Kachin State, Myanmar.


I’d love to hear your thoughts on whether these seem legit or not. And incase I do decide to acquire them, I’d greatly appreciate any tips on how to test them in person. 


Thank you all!







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I have seen a similar in piece of Amber offered for sale online 
To me, this does look like a piece of shed lizard skin. 

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