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Fish scales


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Hi Forum,

i'd like to post to you this specimen i found in Omhden (DE). It seems to me like fish scales, but because i'm a complete beginner i'd love to receive your opinion

Sorry for low quality photos, i have tried different ligths. i'll do my best with better camera if you need. Total length 7cm, width 4cm


Thanks a lot :)









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Hi, is it's geologic age Toarcian ?

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Absolutely fish scales, and what appears to be a gill cover (Operculum) of a fish at the bottom of the piece.

Very nice finds.

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I agree. It looks like fish. It also looks like it could be prepped out further. At least The marked piece is overlaying the fossil.


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I also think there is a good piece of a fish in there.  May not be easy to prep without the correct tools.

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