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Mystery Fossil Need ID


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This ‘fossil’ was found on a river gravel bar in Southern Minnesota. Sedimentary layers in the area include Wisconsin lobe glacial till and cretaceous mudstone/sandstone. The centre of this specimen seems to be just sedimentary material that is slightly harder than the surrounding material filling the core. The outer shell seems to be rock. I am totally stumped.

1689012311_PXL_20221103_015826279-Copy.jpg.9c1cb21c2b337214cd7c40bdd743b660.jpg488517355_PXL_20221103_015806160-Copy.jpg.f4b3838c4539f4104e51ff3b315969f2.jpg1550118761_PXL_20221103_015738733-Copy.jpg.7bf9486da78ddc95ca00c99f50cae062.jpg1838341450_PXL_20221103_015725925-Copy.jpg.07ec50bec09c2053482b62f84089696f.jpg139602853_PXL_20221103_015919679-Copy.jpg.e46ff8aed86d56748a842ad2bd8fb773.jpg323135347_PXL_20221103_015847492-Copy.jpg.181165373b8e4320df5d34b19ad64738.jpgeems to be rock. I am totally stumped.

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 Perhaps you should consider rhizolith ? Another form of trace, or simple concretion are also possible.

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