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Fossils in black limestone


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I find this rock in the bottom of a shelf with a lot of fossil from different locations (Hungary, Morocco, Czech Republic, Madagascar ect.), but in this case i didn't find any paper :(.
The rock is hard black limestone with quartz in the depression of the surface.

I've never seen this kind of fossil before, I appreciate any help!







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Welcome to TFF from Austria!

Sure this is limestone? Looks more like completely silicified / opalized rock.

Anyways, I don´t recognize it, never seen such a kind of fossil rock before.

@rocket, @Ludwigia? Thank you!
Franz Bernhard

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Welcome to the Forum. :)

The rock appears to be some form of chert or flint.

The fossils themselves look like cross sections of bivalves or brachiopods.
Nothing more can be said unless someone recognizes the matrix's locality.

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Sorry, but it doesn't look familiar to me.

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The tubular structures look like petrified palm root to me (it comes in a variety of colors based on the minerals that petrified it):


Petrified palm root slab polished image 1

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