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Microfossil tooth & Other Questions about LaFarge Quarry in Harleyville, SC


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I had the fortune of collecting at LaFarge quarry back over a decade ago. I didn't find a lot, but took home a 5 gallon bucket of material at the recommendation of another digger to go through for microfossils. Fast forward tp this weekend and I found the bucket of material. It has been drying for this long and is easy to break up. I am just getting started in the material and found a really neat tooth. At first it looked like a Great White tooth to me, but the root doesn't look right. I put under my microscope and found that the tooth appears more conical. The tooth is approximately 3mm in longest dimension, 2mm wide and about 1mm thick. It appears that there is definition where the tooth ends and the root begins. I can't take great pictures, these are taken by holding my camera up to the eyepiece and maintain the right plane of the camera to the lens.


Any ideas on what kind of tooth it might be?


Also finding a lot of small, cylindrical fossils. I am guessing they are some type of very small bones, as they don't seem to have any coral texture and they don't seem to have sections like crinoids. Also can see very small (sub 1mm), light brown and shiny roundish objects in some of the matrix before I break it up, could these be coprolites? I haven't gotten good images of these items yet.






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Could the cylindrical items be echinoid spines, perhaps?

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