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Shell fossils new Zealand


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Hi there all, I'm new to this. 


Please help... View the photos attached and any info would be amazing. 


Thanks kindly.


My name is che-ruby wood. 




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Hi and welcome to TFF!


What would you like to know about your fossils? For an ID you would need to provide a scale and location.

Kind regards

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Welcome to the Fossil Forum from South West Florida, USA, Che-ruby. Your post brings back good memories.  25 years ago, I spent a wonderful 6 weeks in your country, eating a dozen Bluff oysters every day on a pier in St Mary's Bay...  could not get enough of them and miss the wonderful flavors ever since.


Did not know much,  but did find this excellent paper on Scallops in NZ,



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Welcome to the forum!


Im also from  New Zealand, and I’ve looked a lot at the fossil scallops (pectenids) over the last couple of years. 


If you can take some clear pictures of the ribs - where they look to be crisp and intact with a scale (ruler).


The ribs (sculpture) is the key to ID. One of yours may be too worn to ID, but there are traces of the ribs left…,might both be the same species?


Probably Phialopecten or Chlamys. Maybe the species common in NZ rocks from Pliocene onwards. The ribs are quite fine in the younger species without the secondary “wavy” pattern or costae. 

Send through those photos and let’s see if we can narrow it down. Location would be helpful too. 

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