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Hello all!


I'm new to the fossil game and I'm considering buying my first tooth but after doing some light research, I'm not sure if the tooth I am looking to buy is 100% from the same tooth...


So, according to the seller, this is a 6.5" Spinosaurus tooth (from Kem Kem, Morocco) and they have said that some repair has been done... They've glued 2 areas of the tooth (they haven’t specifically stated which area is) and also mentioned that they've repaired some of the enamel. From the pictures, I guess that it is the very end of the tooth where the enamel has been repaired, to possibly repair some 'feeding wear' (as I have learned that it is called!?)


But after doing a bit of research, I am worried that this is not 100% from the same tooth (since I've discovered that these teeth are not usually found this large and people occasionally glue multiple teeth together to create a huge tooth, and not be 100% honest about what they've done). I have these worries because of the area about halfway up the root where the colour becomes a little bit darker and there seems to even be a little ridge between the two halves...


I'm not fussed if this tooth has been restored in some way (glued etc) but I basically am just after some of your thoughts and opinions on whether you think this is ALL from the same tooth and not some kind of fake frankentooth!?


Thanks for any help/expertise you can give :)




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Tip might have reattached, hard to tell with these images.

Top half okay

Not what a root should look like, looks formed


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Yeah thats pretty much what I'm thinking, the whole 'root' looks very different. This ridge and quick colour/material change that you can see in the picture below seems a bit off putting too but the top of the tooth looks okay as you said :)


Thanks for your help!

1456406a-ebba-4852-9f63-d0224b4dd839 (1).jpg


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