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Is this one a piece of some fossil creature?


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Today, I found one small piece of fossil-like thing in a sandstone rock.

I found it in a valley, where there is one small river with rocks which contain many brachiopods, coral, favosites fossils. But this one is different, it is in one piece of soft sandstone rock, others are in harder rocks.

Western boarder of the great basin of Sichuan, China.








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Hi Darktooth,

    Thank you for your answer.  This thing has a sharp edge line on its "back".

     You can see the edge line from the following two pics.I didn't see one type of Bivalve has the same shape, but the number of fossil I know is low,maybe your suggestion is correct.

      Anyway, thanks for your help!



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  • JohnJ changed the title to Is this one a piece of some fossil creature?

I agree with bivalve -- However it is just a chip off the shoulder of the bivalve.

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