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Trilobite Mortality Plate ID


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Hi everyone! I purchased this trilobite mortality plate a few months ago, but I haven't gotten the chance to get an ID yet.

All the info I have on it is that it was collected near Tafraoute, Morocco and is from an Ordovician formation. (not sure which one)

They are all about an inch and unfortunately most of the heads are not preserved great. I can provide bette r pictures if needed. Thanks! :D









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Morgatia sp. is reported from the Tachilla Formation at Tafraoute.






Gutiérrez-Marco, J.C., Destombes, J., Rábano, I., Aceñolaza, G.F., Sarmiento, G.N., San Jose, M.A. 2003
El Ordovícico Medio del Anti-Atlas Marroquí: Paleobiodiversidad, Actualización Bioestratigráfica y Correlación.
[The Middle Ordovician of the Moroccan Anti-Atlas: Paleobiodiversity, Biostratigraphic Review and Correlation.]
Geobios, 36(2):151-177  PDF LINK

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