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Carpopodus difficilis?


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I bought this fossil labeled as: 
Carpopodus difficilis
Lower Cretaceous
Cearà, Brasil


I cannot find pictures nor description of Carpopodus difficilis, can someone ID this fossil or give me some material to work on to ID it?
I also have a doubt... is this fossil real? (if this is not the right section of the forum just tell me)
Thank you.

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This is not a plant hopper (Lalacidae), but a cockroach (Blattoidea). So the ID is wrong.

You might have a look at this paper.


As a side note, it looks to me like the antennae and many of the leg spines are painted on.






The  light and dark blue areas look to have been added/painted on.

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  I have to agree with Fossildude19.  It does look enhanced, and if so, I'd say they did a good job of it.   I would add that the grey parts of the body look to be added too.



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