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Is it real? Spinosaurus hand claw & finger bone

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Do you guys think this is real or fake. I'm assuming fake, but thought I would post to see if you would be willing to give any insight. 


Apparently it was found in the Kem Kem Basin, Morocco, Africa.













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No itssnt unfortunately. Its a bad carved from composite. The toe bone is also a bad fake. These replica claws are very common. A rare big claw is very rare and very expensive. There is a link here with some explination how to determine real and fake. Im on my phone now but ill link it lateron if someone else doesn’t. 

finding a hand claw takes time. And prepare to spend allot. 



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Someone here recently said that there and many more fake ones out there than real ones, its very true, tons more fake.  Its unfortunate but with the high profile Spinosaurus mantains those who want to benefit are out there ripping off collectors.   A good real claw that size can have quite a few zeros at the end


Seeing the two items you posted keep seeking advice before you purchase.


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Indeed a bad fake. A composite of random sanded down bone fragments to make it look like a claw and phalanx.

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