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January 2023 - Finds of the Month Entries

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I don't expect this to get many (any) votes, but I'll throw it in just to have something a little different:


• Date of Discovery: January 16, 2023

• Scientific and/or Common Name: Parrotfish (Scaridae family)

• Geologic Age or Geologic Formation: Oligocene (either Ashley Formation or Chandler Bridge Formation)

• State, Province, or Region Found: Summerville, South Carolina 






This is part of the dentary (beak) of a parrotfish.  While it seems tiny at 12mm x 5mm, it is surprisingly a decent sized specimen.  I don't see many of these on the forum and, unfortunately, a lot of information online (including sellers) incorrectly list burrfish mouth plates as parrotfish. 


Just for information, here is a post from the Mace Brown Museum (this specimen is a little larger than mine):





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Seeing the crinoid holdfast from minibuckeye reminded me that I should probably submit this one from Texas. Since most crinoids from here are disarticulated parts it is hard to be sure about the taxa but the only identifiable crinoid parts from this location I have found are some anal tube spines with a small enough attachment angle to fit the 18 or so spines found on Scidiocrinus disculus which can be found in other, nearby parts of the Canyon Group, so I add that name here as a possibility. Scale in millimeters.



Date of Discovery: 1/11/2023

Scientific and/or Common Name: Crinoid holdfast

Geologic Age or Geologic Formation: Brad Formation, Late Pennsylvanian

State, Province, or Region Found: Palo Pinto County, Texas












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The invert side of this is looking really stacked. I can usually tell which one or two fossils will come out on top most months, but this time I have no clue. Looking forward to seeing how voting goes with all these heavy hitters going head to head! :JustCuz_clapping:

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