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First fossil forage, help identifying!

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Hi, I'm very new to this and went out looking for fossils today in Seafield, Fife (Scotland). 


I found a what I think are horn coral? And also something thst looks like a tooth, if anyone could help identify it please. Forgive my naivity if it's nothing! 


Thanks in advance





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Congrats on your first finds! Yes, you are correct in those two curved ones being horn corals. And the oval is a crinoid stem. But that other piece is something special (the one with the circles on it) . That is a couple of plates of an echinoid, or sea urchin. Much more rare than horn corals! As for your "tooth", I am afraid it is just an interestingly shaped rock or perhaps bit of oyster shell. A tooth really will look "like a tooth" with enamel and root.  

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