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Can anyone tell me what type of shark this came from? I found it in Caspersen, FL. It’s 3/4in. 





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Fin Lover

Carcharhinus...maybe bull or dusky (I don't usually try to differentiate).



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It's not flat enough, and the serrations not fine enough, for it to be a C. plumbeus (sandbar shark), and the root is all wrong for C. perezii (Caribbean Reef), C. falciformis (silky) or C. brachyurus (Copper).  Also, too large for a copper.  This leaves a bull or dusky.  Unfortunately, the indicators that I use to distinguish one from another are worn away on the specimen.

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Agreed looks like a bull or dusky, the damage to it makes it tough to differentiate.
Not uncommon for fossil shark teeth to be found broken.

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