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I’ve decided to post this one separately. Very unusual composition. If you watch the video, you’ll see that light refracts off of tiny crystals in the center of each segment (which I’ve circled in red in another image). It’s hardly noticeable. The specimen is very smooth and rounded. 

Another member said in a different post of mine that it could possibly be an inoceramid hinge, though my own research resulted in nothing. I can’t find anything online that remotely resembles my specimen (inoceramid or otherwise). I found it at Post Oak Creek in Sherman, Texas. 






Edited by Chelsie
Accidentally posted before I was finished with it…
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  • Chelsie changed the title to Inoceramid? Something else? I’m confused!

Then go ahead, post it ;)

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3 hours ago, Mahnmut said:

Then go ahead, post it ;)

I accidentally posted it before I was even done typing the content. Haha. I’ve since edited my post to include a video and pictures. Silly me. 

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